Working with Forever with Chris as your mentor gives you choices. The choice to secure your financial freedom, live life on your terms, travel the world, spend more time with those you love and have complete peace of mind.

Using a simple system, underpinned by Forever, working from home or anywhere you choose, with a laptop, mobile phone and a webinar platform, Chris mentors people to earn multiple income streams, from a few hundred a month to an unlimited six figure income a year.


The Aloe Vera Company

Founded over 40 years ago and trading in over 160 countries, Forever opens up a world of opportunities. Cash rich and debt free with an asset base of over $1.5billion, the company has experienced consistent growth since 1978. With a proven business building system and an international infrastructure, business owners can build a business on a global scale. Your dream – Our Plan.

Forever is the largest grower and manufacturer of aloe vera and aloe vera based products in the world. As the experts, they are The Aloe Vera Company, dedicated to seeking out nature’s best resources for health and beauty, combining them with the latest scientifically advanced ingredients and sharing them with the world.

With an outstanding range of over 200 products including Health & Nutrition | Weight Management | Sports & Fitness | Personal Care | Skincare & Beauty | Animal Care, Forever give everyone the opportunity to be the very best version of ourselves we can be.

What Forever does differently


Develop an additional income stream or build a new career

Product Promotor – Develop a small regular customer base of 20-30 customers who repeat purchase month in, month out due to outstanding customer service and because they cannot buy products as good anywhere else. Average earnings = £200-£400 per month

Business Leader – Develop a team, teaching them how to do exactly what you have done… develop a small customer base and give outstanding customer service. Working together as a community to help other people support their health and should they wish, earn an extra income and create a business of their own. Average earnings = £600 – £2000 per month

Business Developer – Support and mentor the leaders within your team to create independent businesses across the globe. Average earnings – £5000+ per month


In addition, Forever offer earned incentives to rival any multi-national, including a Chairman’s end of year Bonus (a share of the company’s global turnover), Global Travel opportunities (all expenses paid) & Forever2Drive (an extra cash payment each month). Forever also offer the opportunity to create a legacy with a royalty style, pension income.

No previous experience is required, as Chris will mentor you to success, using a proven simple business model, planned to suit your personal needs. All you need is a strong work ethic, a real desire for change and a willingness to learn.

“There are few things in my professional life more rewarding than watching someone I have coached, grow into a person they never imagined they could be. The core of the business is based on helping each other succeed, opening our eyes to our true potential and giving us the confidence to realise that the seemingly impossible really is possible. Forever has given me the opportunity to not only to change my own life, but to reach out and help others change their lives too.”


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