After a highly successful corporate career spanning 20 years, Chris realised that working for someone else was not going to give her the lifestyle she wanted for herself and her family. Searching for a better way Chris set up her own consulting business, but soon realised that now she was a slave to her clients instead of a boss and time and freedom still eluded her. When, by chance, an ex-client recommended a business development opportunity working alongside Forever, a $2.6billion global company in the booming health & wellness sector Chris was intrigued and open-minded to find out more.

“Although initially sceptical I immediately saw the huge potential and what was on offer – flexible hours, no commute, no boss, a supportive community plus world class hands-on training and I realised there was no risk and I simply had nothing to lose, particularly as I could start very part- time, around my other commitments”.

Within 6 months Forever had become Chris’s sole business focus and within 3 years she created a multi-million pound business which continues to enjoy substantial growth, despite the current global economic climate.

“The last two decades have been incredible! Everything I first envisioned when I saw the Forever marketing plan has come to pass. Financially, the rewards have been outstanding but the personal growth I’ve experienced as I followed this new career path, the freedom I’ve enjoyed being able to choose how I live each day & the self-fulfilment gained from guiding others to achieve their own personal success makes it the best decision I ever made”


“Chris is an outstanding Business Coach and Mentor – her ability to connect with people on all levels, to work with them, helping them catch the vision of what is possible and then see the process through to completion is exemplary – she is a pleasure to work with, bringing warmth and humour to all she does and a commitment to ‘get the job finished.”

– Jayne (Entrepreneur)


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